Viewing Distance & DPI Chart

It's not always 300dpi

The ideal resolution (dpi) of your artwork depends mostly on how far away the artwork is from the viewer. Here's a chart to show you what resolution to aim for when creating your artwork.

Viewing Distance Min Resolution
0.6m  /  2ft 300 dpi
1m  /  3.3ft 180 dpi
1.5m  /  5ft 120 dpi
2m  /  6.5ft 90 dpi
3m  /  10ft 60 dpi
5m  /  16ft 35 dpi
10m  /  33ft 18 dpi
15m  /  50ft 12 dpi
50m  /  160ft 4 dpi
60m  /  200ft 3 dpi
200m  /  650ft 1 dpi

The above resolution chart is based on someone with good eyesight and in good light.

A more detailed answer


I've written a whole article about choosing the correct DPI for print. So check that out if you want to get stuck into the details.

And if you want to see different example resolutions actually printed then check out The Print Handbook. Then you can see it for yourself.

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