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Pick Colours With A Deck Of Cards

A box of 130 cards for playing with colour. For digital or print creatives. RGB and CMYK values. Millions of combinations.

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2016 Christmas Gift Guide for Designers

Gift Guide for Designers

Pick the perfect gift for your designer friends. Books, gadgets, toys...

Printer, Designer & Client. Who's responsible for what?

Printer, Designer & Client. Who's responsible for what?

What should you do when there's a mistake with your print job?

Designing for a newspaper

The Top 20 Best Graphic Design Books

Collated from 13 articles to create the ultimate best graphic design books top 20.

Designing for a newspaper

Designing for a newspaper

Get the best from your newspaper adverts. Tips and tools to get the best from your designs.


Colour profiles & colour spaces

An in-depth look at colour profiles and colour spaces. Grab a cup of tea, this one is going to hurt your head. But it will be worth it.


What's the correct DPI for printing?

Whether you're designing a brochure, banner or billboard find out how to pick the correct resolution.


Choosing the best file type for print

There's a whole bunch of files you can use when getting involved in print. But it's important to use the right one for the right job.


Inside a commercial printers

What actually happens at the printers? We've collated a few pictures and videos to show you.


Why use a spot colour?

Fancy Pantone colours. Why do you even need to consider using them?


What do printing plates actually look like?

Never had a proper look at a printing plate? Well we've put together some photos for you to look at.


The best print design sites

We've compiled a list of the very best sites for print designers.


Photo of Helvetica poster

Free Helvetica poster

This free PDF download allows you to print out your own A2 Helvetica poster.

Photo of free calendar

Free CMYK Chart PDF Download

A clear, simple and free to download PDF CMYK Chart perfect for your print project.

Photo of free calendar

Free binding guide

Take a look at our little binding guide booklets. You can download the PDFs for free and make them up yourself. We think they are pretty cool.



Paper sizes chart

Several tables full of paper sizes. What could be more interesting? And find out how big a Gutenberg Bible is.


Viewing distance and DPI chart

A simple chart to work out what your resolution should be depending on how far away the viewer is.


Viewing distance and font size chart

How small can you make text? Use this handy chart to base your decision.


Hot Wheel Cars

Hot Wheels cars

Hot Wheels cars photographed like real cars. All using a margarine tub, tracing paper, a desk lamp and some grey paper.

Hot Wheel Cars

DPI from space

A question I get all the time is "What resolution do I need for my artwork which is being viewed from space?" Here's your answer.

Are You a Print Production Pro?

Are You a Print Production Pro?

Do you know what CMYK stands for? Do you know which PDF preset to use? Let's find out shall we. Take the print production quiz.

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Digital Textile Printing

10 Top Tips For digital textile printing

Sabur Ink Systems give us a little lesson in digital textile printing.

Digital Textile Printing

7 Essential Tips for Presentation Folder Printing have put together 7 top tips for presentation folder printing.

A Guide to Standard US Pocket Folder Dimensions

Folder Sizes: A Guide to Standard US Pocket Folder Dimensions

US pocket folder dimensions and tips by

A Guide to Standard US 3-Ring Binder Dimensions

Binder Sizes: A Guide to Standard US 3-Ring Binder Dimensions give some advice and dimensions for US 3-ring binders.