Free Helvetica Poster


Print your own poster

This Helvetica poster is made from 8 A5 sheets, which create a poster that is slightly bigger than A2 (420 × 594mm or 16.5 ×23.4in). Because each sheet is A5 you can print it on your own printer but still have a massive poster on your wall. And you can have it for free, well almost. It will cost you a tweet. Don't worry though you can change what the tweet says, so you don't have to say you love the poster if you don't.

Once you've done your tweet you'll have access to the PDF which you can print out onto whatever paper or card you want. We've printed ours onto black card and lined paper (see below). And when you stick it on your wall remember to leave a 10mm gap between sheets.


Or on lined paper

free-poster01 free-poster03

More posters

If you're too lazy to print and cut up your own poster then we have some similar ones that you can buy and they are printed with fancy metallic ink.


The Print Handbook

Lastly, if you're the designery type then you might find our Print Handbook useful. It's got tons of helpful information and examples for designers and it's cheap too. Check it out.


No More Print Design Mistakes

We've all done it. Got something back from the printers and been a little disappointed by the result. It's a tricky thing getting things right for print. But the Print Handbook will help you. It's packed full of examples, tools & tips. Make those disappointed moments a thing of the past...

Photo of inside Print Handbook Take a look – £7.50 / $11 / €10