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Preparing your pixels for print

This little handbook is crammed with stuff which we think you'll find very helpful. Especially if you're a designer. Our goal is to help you see if...

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Photo of Helvetica poster

Free Helvetica poster

This free PDF download allows you to print out your own A2 Helvetica poster.

Photo of free calendar

Free binding guide

Take a look at our little binding guide booklets. You can download the PDFs for free and make them up yourself. We think they are pretty cool.

Amazing articles


How to set up blacks for print

A helpful article from Computer Arts explaining a little about different types of printed black.


Choosing the best file type for print

There's a whole bunch of files you can use when getting involved in print. But it's important to use the right one for the right job.


Inside a commercial printers

What actually happens at the printers? We've collated a few pictures and videos to show you.


Why use a spot colour?

Fancy Pantone colours. Why do you even need to consider using them?


What do printing plates actually look like?

Never had a proper look at a printing plate? Well we've put together some photos for you to look at.


The best print design sites

We've compiled a list of the very best sites for print designers.


If you think there is an excellent resource that should be featured on here then why haven't you told us already? Tell us now. Please. The waiting is killing us.

Design tools


Paper size charts

Several tables full of paper sizes. What could be more interesting? And find out how big a Gutenberg Bible is.


PDF viewer Check

This clever PDF by VIGC displays an error message when viewed in a PDF viewer which can't be trusted to produce an accurate reproduction. Great for sending to clients.


Let everyone know that you've found a marvellous gold mine of loveliness, or keep it a secret and tell no one.