Inside a printers

Here are a few photos and videos showing you what it's like at a commercial printers.


These photos are from inside Centreprint. They did a great job of printing the Print Handbook. You can see there complete plant list here:


This is where the printing plates get made


The Heidelberg Quickmaster 2 colour is the machine that handled the black on the cover


The inner pages are printed on this 5 colour Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75


All this kit to get the colour spot on


Ink constantly being poured into the press


You can see the 4 process inks going in


The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 has an appropriate name – it can print 12,000 sheets an hour


A stack of handbook inner pages ready to be stitched to the cover and trimmed


Print handbook covers ready for folding


We've collated a few videos which give a good idea of the workings inside a commercial printers.

A very similar press to the one used to print the Print Handbook's inner pages. View video at for full credits.

This is a great video showing the making of some Field Notes notebooks. The first half shows the letterpress printing of the covers. The second half (from 4:35) shows a more typical commercial printers. View video at for full credits.

The Field Notes covers are being foiled here. The Print Handbook's foil is created in the same way. View video at for full credits.

A few more videos

If you still want to see a few more videos then check these out. They're not quite so well done but they're still pretty interesting.

And if that's still not enough check out these ones. Hilarious.

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